In The Neighborhood: Rapt Studio’s David Galullo


At 53 years old, David Galullo still has the creative curiosity that he’s had as a child, constantly reimagining the way he could shape the world to be. His early days consisted of “drawing, coloring, painting, and creating every sort of project,” and his role as CEO and Executive Creative Director at Rapt Studio hasn’t strayed far away from that.

Now marking Los Angeles as Rapt Studio’s second home, David and the Rapt team have made their office one of the standout landmarks of Hayden Tract, especially with their vibrant wall commissioned by Brooklyn-based artist Jason Woodside. We caught up with David and asked him about Los Angeles, how it drives his creativity within the design firm, and took a tour of their Hayden Tract office.

Name, Age + Title

David Galullo

53 years old

CEO and Executive Creative Director

Years in LA:

4 years

What brought you to LA? 

We wanted to focus on growing our Los Angeles office.


Three words to describe Los Angeles?

Creative. Opportunistic. Optimistic.

Your favorite hidden gem in LA? 

Satdha Plant-Based Thai kitchen on Lincoln Blvd in Santa Monica. It’s incredible.

Currently on rotation on your Spotify/iTunes/Pandora?

Automatic by Kaskade, Fading Love by George Fitzgerald, Take Me When You Go by Betty Who, and Eclipse by Late Night Alumni


Is there an album or song that reminds you of Los Angeles?

Ode To Lou by The Mattson 2.

How do you see Hayden Tract shaping the West Side in the next 5 years?

I think that there is a redefinition of “The West Side” happening and has been happening. Obviously Hayden Tract has been leading the charge as the creative and cultural heart of its redefinition. My hope is that over the next 5 years it continues to lead the charge, while still staying true to its core.


What is it that makes the creative community in Hayden Tract different from others?

The wonder of the creative community in Hayden Tract is that it is still defining itself and may always be in that state. It’s hopeful, optimistic, and growing.

The mural by Jason Woodside on your building is one of the most Instagrammable walls in LA. What is the background behind the mural? 

We were fans of Jason’s and we commissioned him to do a mural on a shipping container to be used as a cafe for a project that we were designing in Carlsbad, CA. When he flew out from Brooklyn for that project, and stood in front of that big blank wall. It was sort of a no-brainer. He stuck around for another week, we rented a cherry picker, and there it was. We couldn’t be happier.ThePLATFORM-1264

How has Los Angeles play an influential role in your work? How so? 

I think that Los Angeles has freed me of the expected. There is a baseline for design in Los Angeles that is just higher than other places. Since the baseline is higher, there is a broader, boundary-less, and optimistic landscape in which our work is created.

What is your dream collaboration that you haven’t done already?

We would love to work with Runyon Group – they are doing the most innovative, expressive, and category-busting projects.

Photos by: Katie Gibbs