Meet The PLATFORM Founders: Joseph Miller & David Fishbein

Joey+DavidHeadshots-1010 David Fishbein and Joseph Miller

Over 5 years ago, Joseph Miller and David Fishbein came together envisioning a destination that catered to their own need for an innovative and creative setting that melded Los Angeles’ urban scene with some of the world’s most interesting merchants, designers, and eateries.

Fast forward to 2016, and the two Principals at Runyon Group have made their idea come alive. They have brought their fresh and innovative vision to Hayden Tract with PLATFORM, and are ready to open its doors to Los Angeles early this year.

Get to know the masterminds behind PLATFORM, and hear how they got their inspiration for one of the most exciting retail districts coming to Los Angeles.

Name, Age, Title

Joseph Miller, 32, principal at Runyon

David Fishbein, 29, principal at Runyon

How did the idea of PLATFORM come about?

JM: PLATFORM is the place that David and I had always wanted to hang out at but could never find in Los Angeles. Instead of continuing our search for it, we decided to build it.

DF: Joey and I really had the idea of PLATFORM in our heads separately before we had even met each other. We both saw LA as one of the most influential cities globally, and felt uninspired by its existing retail districts.  We knew there was an opening in the market to innovate and create a place that would include the world’s most interesting merchants, designers, and great food in an integrated, urban setting.

PLATFORM is going to change the way people shop in Los Angeles. What were some of the locations that influenced the idea for you?  

JM: In addition to being influenced by amazing neighborhoods across the world, I remain totally influenced and inspired by LA.  Growing up here allows you to find all of the nooks and crannies that make LA great. Our goal at PLATFORM was just to bring a lot of those great things together in one place.

DF: We drew inspiration globally from neighborhoods like The Marais and Saint Germain in Paris, Shoreditch in London and great local streets in New York, San Francisco, amongst others.


What are some of the characteristics about Los Angeles that influence your work? 

JM: There is an openness to the culture here that allows young punks like David and I to dream big and actually accomplish big things.  Building PLATFORM would have been a lot harder for a young company in London, Paris, or New York.

DF: The city has a creative energy and imagination unlike any place I have been. It inspires us to think big and not be constrained by the norm.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

DF: Stress Less. Play more.

What is your favorite hidden gem in LA?

JM: I am not sure if it is hidden anymore, but the Baldwin Stairs are a great workout and give you the most incredible view of the City. Plus, they are a short jog from PLATFORM.

DF: Joey and I discovered this complete dive of a sushi bar on the third floor of an indoor mall in Little Tokyo. It’s completely bizarre, but their Chirashi Bowl is everything.

Currently on rotation on your Spotify/iTunes/Pandora?

JM: New Disclosure, ODESZA, Quantic, Tame Impala


Favorite place to grab dinner in LA? 

JM: My garden with my wife and two kids.

DF: It’s beyond popular and on everyone’s radar- but I really think Gjelina in Venice is the best. Consistent and delicious.  PLATFORM-November2015-1043

What is it about Hayden Tract that makes it a perfect home for PLATFORM? 

JM: It is a place that brings together east and west – north and south, which can be tough in LA.  It is a great spot where friends who live in Venice can meet people from Silverlake.  Besides its geographic benefits, they neighborhood is filled with amazing creative talent and incredible architecture.

DF: It’s literally in the center of L.A. and is close to everything- light rail, highway, bike paths, etc. Additionally it is one of the creative hubs of an insanely creative city with amazing art galleries, design showrooms, movie studios and tons of media, technology, and fashion companies that inspire us. We also love the local private schools that sit next to our site.