Now Trending: Stylish Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are trending at PLATFORM and in case you haven’t looked up from your iPhone as of late, there are two that have settled in and opened their doors in Hayden Tract.

Nestled behind Hayden Tract’s go-to coffee connoisseur Blue Bottle, The BYRD’s Nest is a neighborhood barbershop that pays tribute to its classic roots while adding a modern touch. While the idea for The BYRD’s Nest was born on the sand in Newport Beach, it has since developed its quality reputation and unique experience now in Culver City.

Pure Cycles was founded with one mission in mind: to get more people on bikes. For the past six years, they’ve been designing, developing, and delivering the coolest bikes on the market. Now Pure Cycles is stepping out of their LA showroom and into their new shipping container to showcase single speeds, step-throughs, and other best selling bikes, parts, and accessories in addition to offering repairs, tune-ups, rentals and more.